Freelance writer with background on Photography and E-commerce Needed

We help photography and e-commerce businesses save time from time consuming product image editing like clipping path or remove background. Using state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled DTP professionals, we offer the best quality image editing at a reasonable price.

If your native tongue is English, have pretty broad knowledge about photography and e-commerce and can write naturally about complicated, technologically advanced subjects, we want to hear from you.


  • Research and find useful topics related to photography and e-commerce
  • Write posts (2-3 per month; each with 500-1000 words) of different types like:
  • News; eg. about Photoshop, E-commerce, Shopify and Magento
  • How-to’s and Tutorials; sharing new methods
  • Resources or Link Lists
  • Cheat Sheets, Checklists and To-do’s
  • Case study
  • Create illustrations, infographics, add photos or screen-shots to make your content rich and useful

We’re looking for people who:

  • Love writing, fluent and highly proficient in English
  • Feel comfortable with technical concepts
  • Love constantly learning about a changing technical product, even when it’s a little out of your depth.

Some of the posts to go on our blog, and others to popular third party blogs on photography and e-commerce. Your name as the Author will also be added to the post to make you popular on the web.

We’ll pay $15 per hour, and bonus to efficient and good quality writing.

Interested applicants can send their portfolio to sumonmg@me.com


This portion of the Premium Design Works website is written by Mike Sinkula for the Web Design & Development students at Seattle Central College and the Human Centered Design & Engineering students at the University of Washington.

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