So True. I can’t count the times I’ve been asked to produce a logo from someone’s idea of what their logo should look like. But, alas I am a production whore. And money is money is money, eh? Read More »

The Truth About the Vendor & Client Relationship »

Seriously… don’t let this happen to you. Read More »

Spring Quarter Already?! »

Students, Welcome back to another quarter at good old Seattle Central Community College. Currently I am sitting on the back porch at Caffe Ladro with the dog enjoying the sunshine. But, don’t worry. I’ll still make it in today. I thought I’d also pass along this little nugget sent to me by James Stillion so […] Read More »

The Reality of Pro-Bono Work »

Thanks to Alex Levine for this little insight into what it is like to deal with a client that thinks all of your work should be done for free. No offense to the 16yr. old nephews out there. Read More »

8 Types of Critics »

Oh… so true. This one was sent to me by Raven Gildea. Shall we use this in the lecture on “Scope Creep?” I’ll let you be the judge. Read More »

A Flowchart to Explain Flowcharts »

I thought those of you who have ever tried to figure out the mystery that is flowcharts might enjoy this. Click on the picture to view full size. Read More »

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