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In order to set the width and height of an element correctly in all browsers, you need to know how the box model works.

  • All HTML elements can be considered as boxes. In CSS, the term “box model” is used when talking about design and layout.
  • The CSS box model is essentially a box that wraps around HTML elements, and it consists of: margins, borders, padding, and the actual content.
  • The box model allows us to place a border around elements and space elements in relation to other elements.

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The image below illustrates the box model:



1. Margins

Clears an area around the border. The margin does not have a background color, it is completely transparent:

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div { margin: 10px; }

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2. Border

A border that goes around the padding and content. The border is affected by the background color of the box:

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div { border: 1px solid black; }

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3. Padding

Clears an area around the content. The padding is affected by the background color of the box:

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div { padding: 10px; }

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