<p>This is a text element in a paragraph tag.</p>

Where <p> is the opening tag of the element and </p> is the closing tag of the element.

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Block vs. Inline (Elements)

Parents & Children (Elements)

When one element contains another it is considered to be the parent of the enclosed child element:

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<p>This is a text element in a paragraph tag that has a <em>child</em>element inside it.</p>

Attributes & Values

An attribute’s Value must always be enclosed in quotation marks:

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&lt;img src="images/picture.gif" alt="This is my Picture" /&gt;

Where alt is the attribute and This is my Picture is the value of the attribute.

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Textual Content

Text that is contained within elements is a basic ingredient of most web pages.

Written text that you want to appear on the screen will get written in between an opening and a closing tag:

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<p>This is text written inside an opening and closing tag.</p>

Character Entities

Special characters, such as the copyright symbol, can and should be written as character entity references:

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<p>&copy; 2006 Premium Design Works</p>

Where &copy; is the character entity reference for the copyright symbol.

See Also: HTML Entities | W3 Schools


When you want to place an image on your page you will call out the source of that image to be displayed:

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&lt;img src="images/www_barbacoa.jpg" /&gt;

Where images/www_barbacoa.jpg is the source file of the image to be displayed

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Links are another basic ingredient that will let you move from page to page and access media.

Links are written as a reference to another page or piece of media:

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<a href="portfolio.html">Portfolio</a>

Where the word Portfolio gets assigned a reference to the page portfolio.html.

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