HCDE532 » Winter 2014

This is the student list of URLs that I will be grading exercises from every Thursday at 3:30pm.

  1. Bharadwaj, Smitha
  2. Briscoe, Victoria L
  3. Chen, Anatole B
  4. Chen, Chih-Wei
  5. Chin, Andrea L
  6. Chin, Diana V
  7. De Couck, Koen
  8. Feng, Junnan
  9. Feng, Yuetian
  10. Haddadin, Muna B
  11. Martinez Villa, Daniel
  12. Pangestu, Andri
  13. Ramirez, Zulka A
  14. Rodriguez, Antonio T
  15. Smith, Jeffrey A
  16. Wen, Shufan
  17. Xin, Yu
  18. Zhang, Qian

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