HCDE532 » Winter 2015

This is the student list of URLs that I will be grading exercises from every Thursday at 3:30pm.

  1. Burns, Hasani Cm
  2. Cao, Sabina
  3. C., Monica R
  4. Chambliss, Allison “The Fabulous”
  5. Chen, Lingshuang
  6. Chen, Mei Jen
  7. Chou, Fang-Ju
  8. Connell, Nicholas W
  9. Dailey, Michelle Renee
  10. Dennison, Tamika
  11. Eiermann, Lukas Georg
  12. Fernkes, Nichole Ann
  13. Frederick, Olivia Rose
  14. Gallo, Alysse N
  15. Guloy, Ryan Que
  16. Kawas, Saba Hashem Khalil
  17. Li, Wenqi
  18. Lyons, Margaret Q
  19. Mehlman, Gabrielle
  20. Munsell, Kelsey A
  21. Narasimhan, Sindhuja
  22. Oldham, Susan E
  23. Peloquin, Chris
  24. Ping, An
  25. Thach, Amarone
  26. Weitzer, Brenda L
  27. Ye, Chen
  28. Zhang, Qiuyan
  29. Zhou, Ruiyi

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