HCDE532 » Winter 2016

This is the student list of URLs that I will be grading exercises from every Wednesday.

  1. Alliance, Rolner
  2. Alvey, Nicholas Clark
  3. Auyeung, Clement A
  4. Bales, Heather Dawn
  5. Barnecut, Rachel Jayne
  6. Bays, Valerie Kathleen
  7. Bernhardt, Jerime Jay
  8. Bernstein, Joseph P
  9. Bhargava, Kanika
  10. Boe, Demi Amber
  11. Burker, Anne E
  12. Carletti, Wilson Christopher
  13. Cassels, Kira J
  14. Dye, Amani A
  15. Giblin, Jennifer S
  16. Harris, Courtney Nicole
  17. Hunter, Laura E
  18. Irish, India
  19. James, Spencer L
  20. Koines, Thomas J
  21. Lee, Dana Y
  22. Lee, Sangeun
  23. Levitskaia, Yanina O
  24. Little, Aidan T
  25. Lonnberg-Hickling, Lea Elisabet
  26. Moore, Ryan C
  27. Mudd, Ricki Li
  28. Ormsby, Nathan G
  29. Reese, Alan T
  30. Schwabel, Anne
  31. Slager, Emily J
  32. Snyder, Julia E
  33. Taylor, David Scott
  34. Thorne, Jamal
  35. Zimmer, Nicholas E


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