WEB105 » 05) Client (User) Specifications


Web Redesign: Workflow that Works 2.0 – Client (User) Specifications

If your target audience is everybody-with-a-computer-and-then-some, users with older technologies must be accommodated. High-Bandwidth requirements would frustrate and alienate someone on a slow modem and would cause the user to abort the page-load. The Client (User) Specifications will ask a bit a bout the target audience capabilities and will help you track some client technology data.


  • Download the Client (User) Specifications worksheet.
  • Sit down with your mock client and ask them the questions on this survey for pages 1 & 2 as discussed during lecture.
  • Create and type out your own report written in comprehensive paragraph style.
  • Post a link to this assignment in the comments section below AND print this out and turn it in according to the class Schedule (Fall) or Schedule (Winter).

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