For your third assignment you should be (hopefully) seeing some results you like and will tighten them up for your business and/or personal name:




This portion of the Premium Design Works website is written by Mike Sinkula for the Web Design & Development students at Seattle Central College and the Human Centered Design & Engineering students at the University of Washington.

  1. heres my logo type study 3

  2. Updated with added artboard.

  3. Trang Pham says:

    Please see my Logotype Study 3. Hard copy will be turned in on Monday:


  4. Ted Castillo says:

    I’m still interested to finished your class, I’m talking with a career advisor to see witch path to take. I be having a lot of mental health problems lately but I want to finished this class. Tell me what can I do to get it done.

  5. Will Parker says:

    Logotype III Redux, the personal edition


    This time I started with entirely non-textual sketches using a stencil to block out a rough area appropriate for the text.

    This is intended to be a bridge between Logotype 3 & the Logotype Spec. Please email me if you have any comments before class.

    Hard copy tomorrow, and hopefully the corporate logo as well. I hope to have the Spec docs for both by Friday.

  6. Hi Mike,

    I am sorry I missed both classes this week. Here is my logo study III. Hard copy on Monday.

  7. Steve says:

    @Aimee: I found this article “Setting Up An OpenSource Design Studio.” It includes a lot of open source apps that you would find useful.


  8. Dj Baker says:

    Hey Mike,

    Here’s another great site for inexpensive vector art. Literally, 1 – 5 -10 bucks for any kind of vector artwork.


    Royalty free too. This is where I thought you sourced the Merriweather stuff on your site.

    A treasure trove I think.



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