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  1. David Delmar says:

    For Windows there is a free program called:
    NexusFont http://xiles.net/
    I’ve had mixed results with it finding or uninstalling Type1 fonts but it’s been helpful overall.

  2. Ryan Layne says:

    In the Font Book preferences you can uncheck ‘Automatic activation’ and fonts will not be active when they are first put into the database. This solves the problem with the operating system being slowed down due to too many active fonts.

  3. Lisa Zefkeles says:

    After a lot of digging, I found a couple of pretty good FREE font management/viewer software for the PC.
    AMP font Viewer http://www.ampsoft.net/utilities/FontViewer.php

    Cfont Pro http://www.cfontpro.com/

    I downloaded both… not sure yet which one I prefer


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