This portion of the Premium Design Works website is written by Mike Sinkula for the Web Design & Development students at Seattle Central College and the Human Centered Design & Engineering students at the University of Washington.

  1. Here is the tutorial for Illustrator that I found. It’s meticulous and pedantic but very helpful. So for those of us at the very beginning it proving to very helpful.


    Just fyi in case anyone else is as uninitiated as I am.

  2. Nicole says:

    Cool video on designing a logo

  3. Kate says:


    Really awesome resource with images! Highly recommend!!

  4. https://design.google.com/articles/evolving-the-google-identity/

    Whether you love or hate Google’s latest rebrand, this site shows the ‘Web 112’ process that Google went through.


  5. candy david says:

    nice list of resources. you should also consider adding my favourite website for logo design inspiration http://logovectors.net/ its the best website and also they have a great advanced search tool, give it a try

  6. Offical Adobe Illustrator Cheatsheet. Very useful for this class if you have not used Illustrator before


  7. Allen says:

    This is a resource that I personally use and like I hope you do to.

  8. Aster Max says:

    An amazing site, Thinking with Type full of resources for type– Letter Text & Grid
    “Type is the foundation of print and web design. Everything you need to know about thinking with type, you will find here. This richly detailed update to the classic text belongs on the shelf of every designer, writer, editor, publisher, and client.”
    -Jefferey Zeldman-


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