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Content Outline

Content Outline

Usually some kind of content outline is shown to the client and other members of the production team before the final “written content” is written which ensures that the basic goals of the project are being achieved and that final details can be worked out before production begins.

Your Content Outline should include the framework for information about your project pages including:

  1. Name: the page name which should match your information architecture
  2. Title: a title for the page (that will be re-written in more of a search engine optimized fashion later)
  3. Description: a brief explanation of the what the appropriate written text on the page will be (that will be re-written in more of a search engine optimized fashion later)


  • This shall be written in outline/paragraph style for all pages in your project that you, your team and Client can easily view and understand.
  • Remember that projects must contain 1) a Home Page, 2) a Gateway Page, 3) Two Destination Pages and 4) a News Posting
  • Post a link to this assignment in the comments section below AND Print all of this out and turn in as your Content Outline assignment according to the class Schedule (Fall) or Schedule (Summer).


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