One of the easiest ways to start organizing the structure of your website project is to create a flow chart or a diagram of the site you will be producing

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This diagram may be simple and contain just the basic information of what links come from what pages.

By creating a Flowchart or Diagram you will be able to:

  1. Outline: create a Content Outline easily from the diagram
  2. Present: a one page flow-chart is an easy way for the client to visualize the project at an early stage
  3. Produce: the production team will have an easier time following the flow and organization of a project by seeing it as a flowchart

Links & Menus

The links that you will be creating as main navigation items should be generally specific – meaning that by using one word to describe the link in a navigational menu should suffice

Words such as “about” instead of a menu item that says “our company’s profile” will suffice and keep the menu manageable

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Links that appear as secondary links in a drop down, bulleted list or in text can be much more descriptive as they will probably need to be much more specific than the main menu items

Writing Web Content

As we have seen, writing for the web is demanding in the way that you, as the writer, have quite a few more things to pay attention to than you would if you were writing for printed material

You as the web content writer need to have:

  1. An evolving understanding of the subject
  2. An ever growing sensitivity to and a knowledge of your visitors
  3. A structure to adhere to

Content Outlines

A project’s script or detailed design document includes every word of text, narration and dialogue containing descriptions of all of the images, video and animations and should also include explanations of links, nodes and functional elements

Usually some kind of content outline is shown to the client and other members of the production team before the final “written content” is written which ensures that the basic goals of the project are being achieved and that final details can be worked out before production begins:


(Sinkula) Example Content Outline

Content outlines should include:

  1. Title: the page title which should match the node-link diagram or flow chart
  2. Images: describes possible images for the page, including static images, animation or video
  3. Text: a brief explanation of the appropriate written text on the page
  4. Navigation: the specific buttons that will need to be created for the navigation bar or menu

This portion of the Premium Design Works website is written by Mike Sinkula for the Web Design & Development students at Seattle Central College and the Human Centered Design & Engineering students at the University of Washington.

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