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  1. Corey says:

    Hi, wasn’t quite sure where to put this link but this seemed appropriate.

    New and powerful SEO stuff:

  2. Jack says:

    I really like Halvorson’s Content Strategy book. Bbbut, tonight I was reading her company’s blog, and noticed that articles don’t appear to be structured for the web. (Disclaimer—I only read a few posts.)

    1. Her employees write super long blog posts (paid by the word?) that don’t appear to use the inverted pyramid style of writing. It takes several paragraphs just to figure out what a post is about. At the end of the article they finally offer suggestions for what you “should” do. The blog also doesn’t use excerpts, so you can’t browse through posts easily and pick a different article without scrolling forever.


    Halvorson’s posts are better: http://blog.braintraffic.com/2010/01/content-strategy-more-than-a-bunch-of-tactics/

    A descriptive title tells you what the article is about. But they seem to lack an intro with a hypothesis. Or maybe it’s in the title—or is that her conclusion?

    Again, you must read to the end of the article for the pearl of wisdom.

    If we have time in class, could you please comment on these blog posts? I’d like to know if they are written correctly for the web? Or if they a different style of writing. Perhaps long winded essays meant tease potential customers into hiring them.

    Thanks in advance, -Jack


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