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  1. Han Sue Yu says:

    From the staging area – Protosite, you can get the installed wordpress site (http://www.hanstorchid.com/taichi/).

  2. Han Sue Yu says:

    Since I didn’t use my dreamhost the whole last quarter I got function problems on it.
    I am working with the Dreamhost on problem solving now, hoever I will be late. I like to take the discount credits, and will settle everything during the weekend.

    (So the “website” submit is only for fill the space. The real work will be resubmit in the weekend.)

  3. Han Sue Yu says:

    I didn’t use my dreamhost and admen last quarter at all (was working on programing and database) and found it has problems. I can sign into dreamhost, however can’t be approved for the new database,(after download WordPress I was trying to create a new datdbase of “_wordpress”,thus I can’t use my sigin credencials to move the data.)I am cantacting with the Dreamhost, and need a little more time to fix it. I will strght it up during the weekend, and get settled for the WordPress work.
    Thank you!

    By the way this download is only for fill the space.


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