WEB170 » 04) Create Your Content & Menu System

After you install & set-up WordPress on your own server and have created a set of template files to work from, you will now need to…

1) Create the pages for your site:

Mike's Demo Set of Pages

Mike’s Demo Set of Pages

2) Insert written content into your pages:

Sample Written Content

Sample Written Content

See Also:x HTML Lorem Ipsum | html-ipsum.com

3) Create a menu system of your pages:

Sample Menu System

Sample Menu System


  1. For your page structure you should (at this time) create a set of main level pages that include a) an about page b) a blog page c) a contact page and d) at least one other main category page like a services or portfolio page.
  2. One of these main level pages must include a set of three sub level pages.
  3. ALL pages should include text that represents a) a level 1 or 2 heading, b) at least two level 2 or 3 headings, c) at least two paragraphs per headline, d) one ordered list,  e) one unordered list, f) a block quote and g) a text link.
  4. You will need to create a “Main” menu system that is representative of these pages and their hierarchy.
  5. I will check your Protosite’s “View” link from your Client Staging Area according to the class Schedule (Spring) to review and grade.


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