This portion of the Premium Design Works website is written by Mike Sinkula for the Web Design & Development students at Seattle Central College and the Human Centered Design & Engineering students at the University of Washington.

  1. Erin Martin says:

    Little help

    Still couldn’t figure out the sidebar thing.
    I kinda forgot what you said and when I watched the video I kinda understood what you were getting at but not really.
    I pasted my code below. I can’t remember if you said we have to name it to get it on the page you want or id we have to do something else.

    register_sidebars(2, array(‘name’ => ‘Sidebar’,

    /* ‘name’ => ‘About right sidebar’,
    ‘id’ => ‘about_right_1’,
    ‘id’ => ‘about_right_2’,*/ (this part is commented out)

    ‘before_widget’ => ”,
    ‘after_widget’ => ”,
    ‘before_title’ => ”,
    ‘after_title’ => ”,

  2. Alec Martin says:

    If this needs some work let me know :)


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