WEB170 » Schedule (Spring)

All assignments are “due” by (or before) Friday at 3:00pm of their scheduled week.*

Week One (04/04 – 04/08):

Lecture: SyllabusResourcesWhat is WordPress? & The Anatomy of a WordPress Site
Reading: (Beck) Introduction, (Friedman) Ch. 1

Week Two (04/11 – 04/15):

Lecture: Installing WordPress to Your ServerSetting Up & Customizing WordPress OptionsInstalling and Using a Pre-Developed WordPress ThemeInstalling & Using Plugins for WordPress
Reading: (Beck) Ch. 1 – 6, (Friedman) Ch. 2
Due: Choose Your Project Site

Week Three (04/18 – 04/22):

Lecture: Creating Content with WordPress, Editing & Formatting Text in WordPressUploading & Using Images in WordPressCreating Navigation & Menus in WordPress
Reading: (Beck) Ch. 7 – 9, (Friedman) Ch. 7
Due: Install & Set Up WordPress & Create Your Template Files

Week Four (04/25 – 04/29):

Lecture: Anatomy of a WordPress ThemeCreating a WordPress Theme From a Template
Reading: (Beck) Ch. 11 & 12, (Friedman) Ch. 3 & 4
Due: Create Your Content & Menu System

Week Five (05/02 – 05/06):

Lecture: Creating a Navigation & Menu System for a WordPress ThemeCreating the Template Files for a WordPress Theme
Reading: (Friedman) Ch. 5 – 7 & 11
Due: Create Your Theme from Your Template

Week Six (05/09 – 05/13):

Lecture: Creating a Static Home Page with Multiple Loops for Your WordPress Site
Reading: (Friedman) Ch. 8 & 16
Due: Create Your Main & Sub Menu Systems & Create The Template Files for Your Theme

Week Seven (05/16 – 05/20):

Lecture: Creating a Custom Posts Feed with Featured Images in WordPress
Reading: (Friedman) Ch. 8, 10 & 14 
Due: Create a Static Home Page with Multiple Loops for Your Site

Week Eight (05/23 – 05/27):

Lecture: Using Custom Fields in Your WordPress SiteUsing Widgets in Your WordPress Site
Reading: (Friedman) Ch. 9 & 15
Due: Creating a Custom Posts Feed with Featured Images for Your Site

Week Nine (05/30 – 06/03):

Holiday: Memorial Day
 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in WordPress without Using a Plugin
Due: Create a Pull-Quote for Your Site Using Custom Fields & Add a Widget to Your Site in Your Sidebar

Week Ten (06/06 – 06/09):

Lecture: Create a FlexSlider Gallery Using Attachment Images in WordPress without a Plugin
Due: Search Engine Optimize Your Site

Final Week (06/13 – 06/17):

This will be an open lab kinda week. ALL assignments are due no later than midnight Friday, June 17th for review and grade.

* Students are also responsible for changes to the schedule that I make verbally in class.

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