WEB202 » 05) Content Inventory

For projects involving content that may either be existing or new, a Content Inventory is a necessary step in keeping your project organized and efficient.

Describe your possible Content Inventory in detail including but not limited to:

  1. Categories & Subcategories: What categories and subcategories will your product line be broken into?
  2. Item Names & Description: What items will be in your product line within those categories? Use a name and description.
  3. Sorting Options: What unique specifications  will your users be able to sort or filter by (e.g. price, color, brand, etc.)


  • This shall be written as a comprehensive report in spreadsheet style that you, your team and Client can easily view and understand for all 25 of your products.
  • Post a link to this assignment in the comments section AND print it out to turn in as your Content Inventory assignment according to the class Schedule (Spring) or Schedule (Summer).


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