WEB202 » 11) Visual Design

Now that we have concerned ourselves with what each individual page will look like that we defined in our architecture through the concepts of navigation and interface design, it is time to give an Aesthetic Visual Design to the Surface of our Design

We need to evaluate and create our Visual Design in terms of:

  1. Visual presentation of the logical arrangements that make up the skeleton of the site – through attention to visual design, we now determine how the arrangements we have defined should be presented visually on our pages
  2. How effectively will our surface design support the objectives we defined in all of our other planes
  3. Communicating a brand identity in terms of language, placement, type, color and overall visuals


  • You must create a complete Visual Design study for your home page and one main category page.
  • You must also complete three different spotlight ads for your home page.
  • Post a link to this assignment in the comments section AND print it out to turn in as your Visual Design assignment according to the class Schedule (Spring) or Schedule (Summer).

This portion of the Premium Design Works website is written by Mike Sinkula for the Web Design & Development students at Seattle Central College and the Human Centered Design & Engineering students at the University of Washington.