WEB202 » 12) Protosite

Protosite Story Board

Protosite Story Board

Time now to take everything you have done and build yourself a Protosite that you will turn in as your final project and present during finals week.


  • All pages must be coded to standards that you have learned in WEB120 & WEB200.
  • You must complete pages for a:
  1. Home Page
  2. Category and/or Sub-Category Page(s)
  3. Product Listing Page
  4. Product Detail Page
  5. All Shopping Cart Pages


This portion of the Premium Design Works website is written by Mike Sinkula for the Web Design & Development students at Seattle Central College and the Human Centered Design & Engineering students at the University of Washington.


  1. Diane Selvy says:


    Home > Shop > Shop Costumes > Princesses > Fairy Princess > Add to Cart > Checkout > Create Account OR Login > Submit Order

  2. Brittaney Nico Davis says:

    Product detail link: http://nicomoving.net/web202/final/basil.html

    Client staging area: http://nicomoving.net/web202


    Index > Browse All > Olive Oils > Bay Leaf Olive Oil > Order Summary > Account/Sign In > Order Information > Order Confirmation

    Thanks :)


  3. Mary Delahanty says:

    Product detail page:


    Some of the page functions work; some of the controls are just decorative. I didn’t code in filtering or sorting on the results page, but I did put in some of the functionality for splitting an order among multiple addresses.

    Staging area: http://www.snowscapepages.com/web202/stagingarea.html

  4. Naomi Nosek says:

    staging area: http://nnosek.com/web202/

    protosite: http://nnosek.com/energy-boost/

    home>products>Vitamins>once daily multivitamin>add to cart>sign in (on left sidebar) > checkout> confirmation page

  5. Starr Harris says:


    Home> Clogs > from clogs you can either drop down to “Fashion” or on clogs page select the fashion image > More Details (Under Astrid 1st image on product page)> add to cart > Order Summary > Order Review > Thanks you page.

  6. kairong xu says:

    I do not have enough time to make it well because of army training, this is what i got so far.

  7. Hi,
    Here is the link to my protosite:


    Have a great holiday.


  8. Marco Garcia says:


    Path –

    Build Your Art > Image > Submit an Image > Upload Image > Metallic Paper > Use Metallic Paper > Acrylic Thickness > Use 1/4 Inch Acrylic > Bamboo > Use Bamboo > Aluminum Subframe > Use Aluminum Subframe > Checkout > Continue as Guest > …..

  9. Andy Meyers says:


    Path: Home > Accessories > Handlebars > “Carbon Race Pro” > Add To Cart > Checkout

  10. Product Detail Page: http://fishersergent.com/web202/protosite/product-detail.php

    Products > Painting > Oil Paint > SAS Alizarin Crimson


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