WEB204 » 03) Heuristic Evaluation for Websites Report

Heuristic Evaluation, as described by Nielsen, is a discount Usability Inspection Method for quick, cheap, and easy evaluation of a user interface design. It specifically involves a set of expert evaluators examining a user interface to find Usability Problems within an interface design and judge its compliance with recognized usability principles, known as the “Heuristics.”

Heuristic Evaluation is also a good choice to use as Usability Evaluation Method to use a a pre-cursor to a Usability Testing Study as it is a widely used methodology for finding Usability Problems within an interface design. It also will give you and your team a clearer picture of what potential Usability Problems you might want to test with a set of participants.


  • This Heuristic Evaluation for Websites Report shall be written as to describe the motivations for, procedures of and results of conducting a Heuristic Evaluation for Websites.
  • Create at least two scenarios to conduct this study and report your findings according to the 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design by the Nielsen Norman Group.
  • Each Heuristic Evaluation for Websites Report shall contain but not be limited to: 1) Background & Objectives for the evaluation 2) Procedure & Materials of the evaluation 3) Findings & Results of the evaluation
  • Post a link to this assignment in the comments section AND print all of this out and turn in as your Heuristic Evaluation for Websites Report assignment according to the class Schedule (Winter) or Schedule (Spring).


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  1. Liz Stone says:

    Our Heuristic Evaluation Report
    Group 4 – Liz Stone, Trang Pham, Marco Garcia, Griffin Dotson
    PCC Natural Markets

  2. Jeremiah Smith says:


    Manitasha Arora, Jeremiah Smith, Ruth Mansoor,
    Joseph Wanderer

  3. Jonathan Paddock says:

    For the Library… and its team of Misfits http://ultan.photography/itc298/heuristicevaluation.pdf

  4. Nico says:


    This is for the Venice Biennale group, who is:

    Tatiana Zaccara
    Kristin DelViscio
    Kayla Kang
    Dann Frey
    Nico Davis

  5. Adam Kozie says:

    Heuristic Evaluation Report for Calvin Calvo, Rosie Fisher-Sergent, Haben Haftu, Adam Kozie, Naomi Nosek


  6. Kristopher Chambers says:

    Heuristic Evaluation Report for South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Website
    (Anna Sabo, Katherine Shaw, Margaret Gomez, Kristopher Chambers):


  7. Tosia Klincewicz says:

    Heuristic Evaluation Report by Starr Harris, Tiffany Wan, Akash Tolangee, and Tosia Klincewicz


  8. Julie Anderson says:

    Heuristic Review for McMenamin’s


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