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  1. Jeremiah Smith says:

    Group 5 Card Sorting Report

    Manitasha Arora, Jeremiah Smith, Ruth Mansoor,
    Joseph Wanderer


  2. Liz Stone says:


    PCC Natural Markets
    Griffin Dotson
    Marco Garcia
    Trang Pham
    Liz Stone

  3. Hsuan-Yu (Bella) Chen says:


    City of Shoreline

    Ethan Nissley
    Manilyn Cabrera
    Mario Gomez
    Dini Nadzaruddin
    Bella Chen

  4. Nico says:


    This is for the Venice Biennale group, who is:

    Tatiana Zaccara
    Kristin DelViscio
    Kayla Kang
    Dann Frey
    Nico Davis

  5. Tosia Klincewicz says:

    Card Sort Report for Northwest Film Forum by Akash Tolangee, Starr Harris, Tiffany Wan, & Tosia Klincewicz


  6. Kristopher Chambers says:

    The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Website card sort report is at:


  7. Maureen Crist says:

    Please find the Knutsford Express Card Sorting Report here:

  8. Jeff Reynolds says:

    Here is the link to my OptimalSort online card sorting test:


    This preview will give you a good idea of how the online test works if you decide to go with an online test for you assignment.

    Since it is a real test, it also gives me some data on my website re-design project. So I really appreciate you taking the time!


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