WEB204 » 07) Research Activities Final Presentation

Nope. You’re not done yet…. Now it is time to share your Usability Research Activities project with the class. It’ll be fun, I swear.

Project presentations should include but not limited to:

  1. History & Business Objectives: Give background information and business objectives of the company or organization that owns the website or product that you researched.
  2. Objectives & Scope: What did you hope to achieve by conducting this research?
  3. User Personas & Needs: Who were the people that were “supposed to” participate in the study and what were their needs to be addressed? Who actually participated in the study?
  4. Methods, Data & Recommendations: Detail the methods that you used in your study, the data you collected, how you analyzed it and what recommendations you would make to the stakeholders. Don’t forget to give background information on each method you used in your study.
  5. Conclusions: How exactly did you “improve your understanding” of what makes a better website and how to analyze it via research?


  • Each team will be required to present their project to the class in slide format.
  • Each team will have only 15 minutes to share their project work with the class.
  • Every team member must present an equal amount of information.
  • Every team member should make it to this quarter’s Happy Hour.
  • Presentations will be conducted according to the class Schedule (Spring) or Schedule (Winter).



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  1. Group4 - Liz Stone, Trang Pham, Marco Garcia, Griffin Dotson says:

    Here is the link to our presentation’s slides (GROUP#4):


  2. Jonathan Paddock says:

    For the Oregon Trail video game: http://ultan.photography/itc298/presentation.pdf

  3. Hey Mike,

    Can you tell me when our final presentation will be for class, Monday or Wednesday?

    I am trying to get out of the country to go teach in Haiti and but need to be here for that.




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