WEB210 » 02b) Development Staging Server

Your staging server will be used by your team to check their work, and for your client to see the site and provide feedback.

Note: You should not be developing on the staging server, or sending files to it directly via FTP. Instead, we will cover setting up the server so that it can pull from the GitHub repo. This makes it easier to deploy, and also prevents errors when two people try to edit the same files at once.


  • You will need to choose a public server space that will act as your “Development Staging Server.”
  • This public server space should be on one of your developers’ domains that can handle PHP & MySQL where you will eventually be installing WordPress
  • Place a link to this “Development Staging Server” on your Client Staging Area.
  • I will check the “Development Staging Server” assignment link from your Client Staging Area according to the class Schedule (Fall) or Schedule (Summer) for review and grade.


  • Earthship Seattle | Troy Fleischauer, Lorraine Janzen, Daniel Mattwig & Nate Gunn

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  1. Dwayne Linde says:

    Here is the Development Staging Server space for the Gobi Wild project:



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